Thursday, February 18, 2010


Writing a creative blog post on why I should be hired in the PR world is more difficult than I initially thought it would be. It's almost counterproductive in my brain, pinpointing the exact reasons why I would make a great fit at one's agency/business/company without knowing the exact company that's hiring. That's what we're always told--create your cover letter/resume to fit the exact job you're interviewing for.

Having said that, I'm a great asset to any PR job in the creative world. I have approximately ten years worth of experience in the entertainment, lifestyle, and retail fields. I started my career in the home design environment, at ABC Carpet & Home in New York. Upon relocating to the midwest, I joined a wonderful boutique agency specializing in theater and lifestyle, where I was able to experience the gamut of the Chicago PR world, from extremely low-budget non-profit theater openings, to doing national PR for the United States Gymnastics Team. In the years since leaving said agency, I have continued to work in the lifestyle field, adding chefs, wineries, breweries, and musicians to my list of freelance clients.

Three years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to open a boutique wine shop, as Managing Owner, in Southwest Michigan. While maintaining a full time PR roster, I have turned the shop into the go-to scene for craft beer and reasonably priced wines, and found a niche in which I fit very well. I'm eager to continue my work in PR through the food and beverage industries, and my knowledge of these fields, coupled with years in several other markets, makes me a definite asset to an employer.

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